Visual Identity AI Conference



In a year where AI is making significant strides, we were called upon to create the visual identity for one of the most important AI events in Latin America: Khipu 2023.

We started by delving into the project and researching the meaning and origin of the word “khipu.” We discovered that “khipu” is a Quechua word meaning “knot,” which refers to a tool used by the Incas for accounting purposes.

This tool consisted of a central cord from which various threads with these knots extended, forming very unique shapes.

For the development of the visual identity, we took inspiration from these forms generated in the khipu, aiming also to revalue the artisanal. The handmade. What is created by human hands.

Without us, there is no AI, and this concept formed the foundation of the project. This can be seen in the hand-drawn strokes that make up the identity

Montevideo - Madrid